Market and sell your projects on an interactive building or site map. The model can show the apartment or house info, layout, pricing, and availability. Users can jump into the interactive, high definition 3D model for a closer look at the selected plot. In the unit, they can walk freely, see and try on the available material configuration options and see the accurate extra costs, admire the actual views, and even try on furnishing and decorating their home! 

Apartment block home rendering
High-quality renderings from different angles
Interactive home selector
The interactive model shows the project layout and apartment info

These are a part of the GBuilder Sales Module which is designed to market and sell property, to engage with online audiences to generate leads, and to take the house buyer customer experience to a new level. The Sales Module can be embedded into an existing website or it can be used on GBuilder domain, it can be used by self-service principle by buyers or as a Sales Studio by sales personnel anywhere or in a showroom to create a new layer into the experience. The Sales Module can be used separately without the full GBuilder software.

Home configurator 3D visualisation
Screenshots of the High Definition 3D configurator

For any questions or for a demo, I’ll help you out:

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