GBuilder: Integration through the BIMobject API takes our business to the next level

Finnish BuildTech company GBuilder develop digital customer journeys for homebuyers through their BIM-based solution. We talked to Jarmo Ollila, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, about how GBuilder are using the BIMobject API to integrate their solution with the BIMobject Cloud.

“This industry moves slowly, but when it moves, the change is massive”

GBuilder’s customer base consists of leading builders and developers in Northern Europe, and the company is quickly expanding into new markets. Having been active at the forefront of digitalisation for the last five years, Jarmo concludes that the process of getting the industry to fully embrace BIM has been a rather slow one. Nevertheless, he notes, there has been a clear change in attitudes during the last couple of years.

“Today, a rapidly growing part of the industry uses BIM on an everyday basis. This industry moves slowly, but when it moves, the change is massive”, says Jarmo Ollila.

Digital customer journey requires information

GBuilder’s focus is to provide a digital customer experience for the house buyer, from the first point of contact and sales, through material optionality and home configuration all the way to the building process and after-sales period. In order to do that, it’s crucial to be able to control the flow of information, and to have access to the correct information in real-time.

“The physical site and material need to be connected to a Digital Twin. In order to achieve that, we must have access to reliable databases and constantly updated information”, says Jarmo.

Integration through the BIMobject API

This is where BIMobject Cloud solution and API come to play. Through the BIMobject API, GBuilder are able to offer their customers access to millions of real-world materials and products, enriched with accurate and updated product information.

“This is creating huge potential for us. It really takes our online shopping platform, that is based on BIM, to a whole new level. With the help of BIMobject, we are able to connect information from the architect’s desk to the buyer and the builder – across the entire lifecycle of the building”, says Jarmo.


This image shows the result, now that the BIMobject Cloud is integrated into the GBuilder solution’s search function. It’s now possible to view and import product information from there, and the product that is imported into the GBuilder database will stay linked with the product in the BIMobject Cloud – the Single Source of Truth.

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