Residential projects
Manage all homebuyer related processes

Homebuyers today are more demanding than ever expecting great customer experience and personalisation and configuration options. This all adds a new layer of complexity to project management and construction. Managing all that with the traditional ways of pen and paper, excel, emails, phone calls or even with a simple software is a huge challenge and leads to unsatisfied customers, delays, mistakes and financial losses.

With decades of experience from residential construction, dwg and ifc designs, and IT we have developed a software that solves those challenges.

Upload DWG or IFC (BIM)

Upload your DWG plans and GBuilder will convert them into BIM models or we can use your existing IFC files. The project and every apartment or house will be modeled individually enabling the unique visualisation of each apartment or house in 3D and Virtual Reality (VR). The BIM model also automates the data processing, creating important information such as bill of quantities, bill of materials and contractor work orders. It is easy to update the model if there are layout changes or change orders.

Material Database

Digitalize your material database of fitout materials, appliances and others in one centralized location ensuring your organization and project managers always have up-to-date information and pricing. From your database, it is easy to add materials to projects and apartments or houses. You can also use our common database or download from from external databases we have integrations for such as BIMobject, NOBB, Rakennustieto

Material options

With ease, set the default materials and appliances, and define the available options. Create styles, themes, packages, pre-price upgrade options by quantity, pcs or fixed sum and flexibly set deadlines for confirmations. Everything can be controlled on project-level, apartment-level or room-level.

Home Configurator

Your customers can access the self-service online portal and view the options, visualise them in 3D and see the price implication of upgrades. You can also use the configurator when the customer is visiting your sales office or showroom and directly input the choices and confirm them.

Visualization 3D & VR

Individual 3D and VR models of every home or office are created from the DWG/BIM files. Models are dynamic with material options, allow movement and adding furniture. They allow customers to view their property from any angle, zoom level and with any material configuration.

Data output

Once the material choices and custom requests are confirmed, they are paired with the BIM-data and are instantly available to all stakeholders to use. All the data is viewable via the web portal or with the mobile apps. It is also possible to print out to different formats; pdf, excel or doc. There are multiple templates for printouts, including bill of quantities, bill of materials, material selections by unit or category, budgeting, financials, subcontractor work orders and many more.

Defect and issue management
Snagging, snag lists

Defects can be reported on the GBuilder mobile app by different stakeholders during different phases of the project. All reports are stored in one location where it is easy and fast to organize, assign, set deadlines and communicate.

Digital Archive & Homebook

All data, material selections, communications, confirmations and defects are stored digitally creating a digital archive of projects. Customers can view documents related to their home such as fitout summaries, material and appliance information and user manuals.

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