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Are you managing material options, customer choices, change requests or defect reports on spreadsheets and paper? It is slow, manual work that leads to scattered data and knowledge. Communications and document sharing through various channels, phone and email just adds to the complexity and is a recipe for delays, mistakes and financial losses.
With GBuilder you can manage all those tasks in one solution and have a Common Data Environment.

Project setup

Upload your DWG or BIM files along with the material options information, package and pricing information and any other related material or documents you want put in. We will create the branded environments for your organisation and project. We will onboard and train all users. During the project you'll have the tools to edit, add or delete items.

Your own
digital material database

Digitalize your material database of fitout materials, appliances and others in one centralized location ensuring your organization and project managers always have up-to-date information and pricing. From your database, it is easy to add materials to projects and apartments or houses. You can also use our common database or download from from external databases we have integrations for such as BIMobject, NOBB, Rakennustieto

Material options management

Have full control and easy tools to manage the material options, choices and upgrades. Create pre-selected themes and packages. Everything can be controlled on project level, on selected apartment(s) and even on room-level.

Pricing of materials
and appliances

Easily set quantity based prices for materials, appliances and packages. Prices are set per m², pcs or sum. You can input net price + VAT % + markup % and you can add different cost elements for example material and labour and the gross price is calculated automatically. GBuilder knows all quantities of materials in every apartment so the price visible to the customer is always the price implication to their home.

The self-service portal

Let your customers to use the self-service portal to view documents, information, communicate with you and to make their material choices with the real estate configurator. This ensures all actions are logged and saved to your digital archive and will save your time from countless prolonged revisits to your sales office or showroom.

Custom requests,
change orders and
change management

Sometimes customers want materials that you are not offering or want to change the layout, electricals or something else. With GBuilder, you can create those change orders, offer them to clients and distribute that information to the contractor. The custom jobs are only visible to the customer who made the request and they are highlighted in contractor views. Once the request has been approved and the unit model updated, the quantity information and 3D/VR are updated accordingly.

Data output

Once all the choices and changes are confirmed, you can get all the important information out in seconds. For example the bill of quantities and bill of materials for your supply chain and construction site. You don't need to calculate, format or edit anything!

Defect and issue management (snagging)

Gather all defect and issue reports during build, handover and warranty period by having your contractor, subcontractors and customers report them through the GBuilder mobile app. It is easy for you to then accept or refuse them, assign them to get fixed, set deadlines and add messages to different stakeholders. The defects are automatically linked to a unit, room and can be tied to a specific material or appliance.

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Back Office

Efficiently manage all customer-related tasks 

Construction Process

A Common Data Environment for accurate information

Customer Experience

Enhanced customer experience and
self-service portal


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