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Online configurators and self-service platform are used for a variety of products from clothes to jewellery to cars. From a pre-defined set of options, customers can personalise their products.
Now, with GBuilder, it is possible for homes and other real estate too.

GBuilder offers an online portal where customers can login to their personal environment, to view documents, information and communicate with customer service agents. They can also use the material configurator and visualise their future home or office in 3D and view the available material options. 

Customers feel a part of the process, they appreciate the transparency which creates trust. Not only do they take it as a great experience, this also saves countless hours of time from face-to-face meetings, stores all communications, choices and confirmations at the same time and also automates the data management and delivery for the rest of the project value chain.

Material configurator

Customers can access the configurator through the self-service portal, see what options are available and what the total price implication is. They can independently make and confirm the choices. The configurator can be used when meeting with the client at a sales suite of showroom. Touching and feeling the physical material samples, customers can visualise their selections in an individual 3D model of their future home.

Visualisation & 3D modeling

Rather than having customers look at generic sample pictures and then PDF or printed floor plans and layouts, let your customers experience their individual home. That is our approach to visualisation. Every DWG/BIM file in the system can be viewed in dynamic 3D and Virtual Reality where it is also possible to try available material configurations and even admire the actual views.


Instead of sending individual emails and answering a number of phone calls, communicate through GBuilder and keep customers up-to-date with mass messaging, news and bulletins. Messages and posts are viewable on the web-based portal and mobile apps. Direct messages can be sent to the customers in the whole project, a selected group or individuals.

Defect reports / Snagging

During the warranty or liability period customers can report any defects or issues they come across. Gather and save all reports to one platform where it is efficient to communicate, assign and manage the accepted tickets.

Digital Homebook

Customers can access their home environment even after the warranty period ends. In the portal they can view documents, their fitout and appliance information with related user manuals and maintenance instructions.

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