Construction process management
BIM/DWG based Common Data Environment

No more manual work on bill of quantities and bill of materials. No more over or under ordering. No more chaos in work orders. No more wondering what and where the latest documents and drawings are. No more headaches from spreadsheet editing or paper pushing.

All that and more is available on the GBuilder BIM based Common Data Environment (CDE) saving significant amounts of time, eliminating the possibility of mistakes, reducing construction waste and improving the chances of completing work on time and on budget.

Bill of materials (BOM)

Instead of gathering and putting data together from different sources and playing around with spreadsheets or word templates you could, in seconds, print out the nicely formatted Bill of Materials of the whole project or selected units with all or selected material categories, materials quantities information, descriptions, costs and annotations.

Bill of quantities (BOQ)

Forget the frustrating quantity calculations when instead you could instantly get the BIM based Bill of quantities of the whole project or selected units with all or selected material categories, with accurate quantities and confirmation status. Showing you exactly which materials and how much is needed.

Work order sheets

Deliver nicely formatted work orders sheets for your crew and subcontractors. You can select which apartments, units, categories of work or materials are included.

Change orders

See the highlighted change orders with ease in real-time including the quantities, attachments such as updated documents and drawings

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Back Office

Efficiently manage all customer-related tasks 

Construction Process

A Common Data Environment for accurate information

Customer Experience

Enhanced customer experience and
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