Commercial projects
Manage client wishes and requests

An increasing number of commercial spaces are designed, built and renovated to customer wishes. Allowing customers drive the process by choosing appliances and materials from a number of suppliers means every wish is an individual change request and managing the material supply is a nightmare. By taking a proactive approach and offering choices from a portfolio and suppliers you control it is possible to drastically decrease the number of individual change requests.

Upload DWG or IFC (BIM)

GBuilder uses existing IFC (BIM) files or can convert DWG files into BIM. The BIM model is used throughout the project to automate pricing, data management, bill of quantities, bill of materials, construction site data and so on. It is also possible to create different layout versions. Once the files are in, the spaces can be displayed in 3D and VR and show the available material options.

Material database

A common data environment for all the appliances and fitout materials for your organisation. Ensuring projects have the up-to-date data of availability, pricing, descriptions and manuals.

Options management

From the material database it is easy to add materials to be used on project level, control the options offered, create packaging and set prices.

Centralized communications

Communicate, share information, attachments, documents and get customers sign them electronically through GBuilder to ensure everything is communicated and stored in one channel.

Defect and issue management

Receive issue reports digitally from the construction site with detailed information. Manage, communicate and assign fix tasks efficiently.

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