GBuilder offers a comprehensive solution with a multitude of features, designed to benefit every single stakeholder during different stages of a project. Internal processes are digitised and efficiently streamlined, homebuyers enjoy a highly engaged customer journey and the construction site receives accurate information in real-time. From the very earliest stages of a project, before a single brick has been laid, through to move-in and beyond, GBuilder supports your project every step of the way.

The software is modular, so you can pick and choose which features will be most beneficial to your project.

Use of DWG or BIM files

Upload your DWG plans and GBuilder will convert them into BIM models or use your own IFC files. The BIM file is used throughout the project to automate project management tasks, data creation and distribution. This will save countless hours of time and will eliminate mistakes.

Material Database

Whatever materials and/or appliances you offer, you can upload them with ease to your own, centralised digital material database. Alternatively, take advantage of our range of integrated databases, such as BIMobject, NOBB and Rakkenustieto).

Material Management

Set the default level materials and appliances, pre-price upgrade materials and appliances for easy upselling with our sophisticated BIM-based pricing tool. Create pre-selected themes and packages.

Create the Customer Journey

The customer user interface. Customize with the functions you want to use and use your brand image. Possible to white label and integrate to existing online portals.

Home Configurator

Using the Home Material Configurator homebuyers can make confident and secure decisions on how to configure their home while keeping track of their budget.


Individual 3D and VR models of every home or office are created from the DWG/BIM files. Models are dynamic with material options, allow movement and adding furniture. They allow customers to view their property from any angle, zoom level and with any material configuration.

Calendar and Events

Make your resources available and allow homebuyers to book appointments.
Invite people to special events for example to visit de buildsite.


All communication throughout the project between all stakeholders in one place. Mass messaging, one-on-one or to a selected group. Messages and notes between office and construction site.

Data Output

A wide variety of customizable printouts are available directly and in a few seconds to Excel, PFD of Word format. Bill of quantities, bill of materials, work site and subcontractor work orders, budgeting, orders, profit calculations and much more.


Through API it is possible to create integrations to external software such as CRM, ERP, financials, invoicing, or supply chain systems.


Store all documents in one place ensuring easy access and up-to-date information.


Get your customers to electronically sign documents speeding up the process, saving you from print and postage hassle and automatically creating a digital archive.

User Accounts

Create individual user accounts for all project stakeholders. There are different user levels controlling what users are allowed to do. All actions are logged so it's possible to backtrack anything from the logs.

Change Management

Create individual offers to clients wanting custom changes. Offers can include different materials, layout changes or extra works. Individual offers are visible to just one customer.

Digital Twin

Everyhing is recorded digitally so you will get a Digital Twin of the project knowing which materials and appliances is fitted.