After exhibiting at Homes UK we were given the opportunity to write a brief article on Tradex News. You can read the article below;

GBuilder: A project management software for housing

Digitalising the office and construction processes of customer-related tasks – material options, choices and configurations, change requests and defects or snagging.

GBuilder, selected as one of the Top Exhibitors at Homes UK, is the result of an idea by a construction company CEO, Harri Majala. He realised that there is a gap between project management, customer and the construction site that leads to wasted time, mistakes, delays, financial losses and unsatisfied customers. The idea was to develop a solution that digitalises the daily-tasks of each stakeholder and connects them, enabling collaboration and realtime information sharing. That idea became a reality in 2014 when the software was launched into the Finnish market.

“GBuilder is designed to solve issues concerning customer management and the digitalisation of the customer journey in the construction sector,” says Majala.

GBuilder is widely-used in its native country of Finland and the company is rapidly growing with customers in seven countries, over 300 projects and over 20,000 homes on the platform. “We see great traction in the UK. We’re digitalising archaic processes, replacing simpler softwares and seeing results in time savings, increased profits and satisfied customers,” says Jarmo Ollila, Chief Sales Officer.


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