Digitalization of the construction industry offers benefits to builders and homebuyers

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world, yet it’s one of the least digitalized. The industry is now changing fast and embracing new technologies as companies look for digital building solutions. For example, digital transformation of the customer interface in residential building can save time, increase profits, help avoid mistakes and enhance customer experience. GBuilder, a Finnish software company has developed a building information model (BIM) based solution to create a Digital Customer Journey for homebuyers.

“A lot of manual work is still done in construction companies which sometimes lead to mistakes. Mistakes cost a lot of money and cause problems in timetables and customer relationships. These are some of the problems companies face today and our aim is to solve those problems. Our customers have given positive feedback about decreased manual work and number of mistakes. At the same time, they are upselling more and creating a better customer experience.” says the CEO of GBuilder, Harri Majala.

Majala has 15 years of experience in construction company management. “We faced problems with customer changes and material management, quantity calculations, pricing of extra work and materials and communications with all stakeholders. I couldn’t find a suitable tool so I decided to build one. That’s the history of GBuilder. Some of the benefits are automated calculations of material quantities and prices, 3D / VR / AR technologies to present apartments and material options. Other features include centralized communication, attachments, punch lists and so on.” Majala continues.

GBuilder is a fast-growing Finnish company with major clients in Scandinavia. The company is now seeking growth in other international markets.

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