Group Builder Ltd is registered in Oulu, Finland with another office in Helsinki and representatives in the United Kingdom, Austria/Germany, Norway, Estonia/Baltics, USA, UAE/GCC and Spain. GBuilder was launched to the Finnish market in 2014. Today, we serve over 35 residential and commercial real estate developers, construction companies and renovators in 11 countries, there are over 400 projects and 40 000 units on the platform.

The CEO & Founder Harri Majala, is also the CEO and Partner of a residential construction company. Harri had a desire to deliver exceptional customer experience, offering clients a wide range of home customisation and personalisation options. He tried to manage everything with pen&paper, spreadsheets and calculator. He looked at all the simple customer-facing configurator softwares on the market but quickly realised they do not digitalise the process for the whole value chain, the project management tools are limited and they do not add value to the construction site. This need and idea was the birth of GBuilder.

The Team

Our team has a great mix of degrees and backgrounds from construction, business, software development, architechture (construction and IT) and engineering (construction and IT) so we truly understand the industry we’re serving and we have the right people to build a software for it.

Standing from the left: Tuure, Ari, Antti, Kari, Jarkko, Antti, Eetu, Lauri, Jaakko.
Sitting from the left: Jarmo, Mikki, Harri, Henri.