Technology, hard labor, vision — let’s talk about 3D

Homebuyer experience

Life isn’t about finding yourself or finding anything. Life is about creating yourself.  True enough. So let’s talk about 3D, our new 3D. The way we pictured it a few years back: take your mobile device and step right into your future home; have fun, make your dream come true, mold it, create it, this is […]

The new normal

Construction digitalization

Lockdown. Shock to the system. A glitch in the Matrix. The New Normal. Could someone have predicted this? Is this something we could have prepared for in advance? At first, the news is vague, contradictory, worrying yes – will the operation continue normally or will the entire system be suddenly shut down from a big on/off switch? There is […]

Construction Technology: why now, and what next?

This piece was written to to be the key piece of their ConTech theme month Demember ’19. A man with steel grey hair Envision George, a man with steel grey hair, driving a Land Rover and talking to customers on his old clam shell phone. He has no need for bells or whistles, apps […]

How Customisation Benefits All Stakeholders In Property Development (not just the buyer)

We have spoken in a previous article about the increasing demand from homebuyers to have more control over the design and appearance of their new-build home. Developers are under increased pressure to offer more freedom in property customisation for buyers. But doesn’t this just further complicate the already Daedalean process of new-build property development? Customisation […]

Why Homebuyers Want Customisation In Their Property Purchase

When widespread internet access became possible in the mid-1990s, everybody knew the world had changed forever. But nobody could have imagined quite how dramatic these changes would be. The era of digital connectivity has facilitated business processes, communication and how every single industry functions at a fundamental level. For the individual, the digital era has […]

BIM: Beyond The Drawing Board

BIM (Building Information Modelling) has been used in architecture, engineering and construction for decades, though its use has grown considerably over the past 10 years or so, as the technology has evolved. BIM is no longer simply a tool for 3D design. It is now a valuable tool in the creation and management of project […]

Overcoming Slow Tech Adoption In The Construction Industry

A transformation is coming, and the Construction industry is at a crossroads. The success or failure of housebuilders, particularly in the Residential construction sector, will depend on their ability to adapt to changes, both in terms of workforce and processes, and in consumer preference. At present, one of the most significant pain points in the […]

Travel towards the Seven Seconds

At Heathrow airport. Waiting for my flight. Last calls echo in my ears as I squeeze my way through the crowd towards a pub full of business people and families on their way for holidays. London’s Bridge, the pub is called. I hear a fat Texas accent from one corner, spot a Chinese couple engaged […]

Revolutionising The Customer Journey For New-Build Homes

Today’s consumer expects to play a more active role in the purchase choices that they make. A home is perhaps the most financially costly of all purchases for the majority of buyers, and – now more than ever – they expect that what they buy should be on their own terms. Cultural changes resulting from […]

Leading organisational transformation in the construction business

The future is automated Automation is an increasing trend and already a reality in many areas of the service industry. In the near future, unmanned cargo ships will sail the vast seas, and driverless trucks will roam the globe. Once, the emergence of harbours, airports, and train networks gave birth to the clock that is […]