BIM-Compatible Customer Journey Management Platform for property developers

Connecting construction

GBuilder is a BIM-compatible collaboration platform for property developers and construction companies to manage customer-related tasks, material choices and options, configurations with 3D & VR visualisations, change requests, communication, documentation and much more!

GBuilder delivers a great customer experience, increases efficiency, quality, revenue,
and decreases waste and emissions!

For project teams

Digital tool kit for managing material options, customer choices, change requests, defect reports, communications and more.

For customers

A unique online portal where customers can view their property, the available options and upgrades, visualise their home in 3D and configure it. Through the portal they can communicate, view additional documents and report issues.

For construction sites

Accurate, up-to-date data always available on any device. No more manual work on bill of quantities and bill of materials. No more chaos in work orders. No more wondering what and where the latest documents and drawings are. No more headaches from spreadsheet editing or paper pushing.


3D Models

Virtual Reality

Material options


Home & office configurator

Choices & Options

Custom requests


BIM/DWG based data

Bill of quantities

Bill of materials

Issue reports


Defect management

Digital homebook

Digital archive

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Trusted by leading property developers and construction companies

Offer your customers a 3D view of their home

“Customers buying new-build apartments often face difficulties understanding the dimensions and visual aspects of their apartments during the planning and building phases as visualisations were project- rather than apartment-based. Thanks to YIT's online portal, which now offers apartment-based 3D modelling and its material configurator, our customers can now view their actual future home which can be tailored according to their choice of materials, and any alterations are taken into account."
Laura Pohjoismäki,
Customer Service Engineer


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